Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe: X-Men—Age of Apocalypse 2005

    (Marvel, 2005)
™ and © Marvel Characters, Inc.

Every once in a while an alternate universe comes along that captures comic fandom’s imagination, and that’s what happened in Marvel’s “Age of Apocalypse.” Spawned by a timeline in which Professor Xavier was accidentally killed before he could form his X-Men, a universe arose in which the evil Apocalypse ruled all and mutants lived as either slavish foot-soldiers or desperate rebels. Since characters and themes from the alternate reality continue to show up from time to time in the Marvel Universe, this one-shot gives each character a page or more that highlights what made them so popular in the first place.

A variety of artists provide the renditions and Mike Raicht takes on the Herculean task of providing the in-depth biographical text. Part of a series of “Official Handbook” one-shots put out by Marvel in 2004–2005.

— Andy Richardson

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 Mike RaichtMark Brooks, Justin Ponsor