The Adventures of Spencer Spook

    (Animated Comics Enterprises, 1986-1987)
™ and ©1986 Animated Comics Enterprises

Spencer Spook was created during the same time period as Casper, but did not enjoy the great popularity and notoriety of the friendly little ghost. Nevertheless, Spencer did appear in Giggle Comics for ten years, between 1945 and 1955, starring in sixty original stories as well as reprints. The comic’s title was even changed to Spencer Spook for the final two issues. Spencer, like most would-be stars, had his own supporting cast. He often appeared with Bonepile; the Chief; and the English Nobleman, whose comic antics were mostly cheap, stereotypical clichés. The most recurring character was Boss Ghost, who was actually supposed to be the ghost of George Washington.

This ill-fated revival of the comic by editor Ron Frantz combines new stories and artwork with reprints of some of the more popular stories from the original run.

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 Reprints a story from Giggle Comics #77 and a previously unpublished story slated for Spencer Spook #102Joe Gill, Richard E. HughesLynn Karp, Owen Fitzgerald, Pat Boyette


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 Includes reprint from Giggle Comics #66Joe Gill, Richard E. HughesJack Bradbury, Ken Hultgren, Pat Boyette


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   Pat Boyette


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