Bolt and Starforce Six

    (AC, 1984)
™ Americomics, © AC Comics. Starforce Six © 1984 James Sanders III. Space Ark © 1984 Ken Michroney

Mitch Cameron dreamed of being an astronaut, and he realized that dream—but it became his nightmare. For on one of his trips into space, an encounter with a mysterious energy cloud makes Cameron more than an astronaut…but less than human. Now he is Bolt, a strange and powerful being whose very existence might threaten humanity. Fortunately for the Earth, it has protectors, in the form of Starforce Six, the planet’s ambassadors to the stars. Engineers and scientists all, they have the weaponry to save the Earth from Bolt, and Bolt from himself…or do they?

The series features work by Jim Sanders III, whose work was later seen on such series as The Incredible Hulk, among others, and Willie Blyberg.

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 Bill Black, Phil White, Ben SmithRod Whigham, Jim Sanders

Special Edition #1

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ca. 1984Steve Ringgenberg, Phil WhiteRod Whigham