Acredale Kolor Komics Kollection

    (Wild Lion, 2003)
™ and © Wild Lion Press

Anyone remember Apathy Kat? Several years ago, this quirky title was published by the now-defunct Entity Comics, and then disappeared once that publisher closed its doors. Fortunately, Buchholz has decided to self-publish a repackaging of the series’ first two issues, with some new stories on the way, at least according to the book’s introduction.

Acredale is the home of Thomas K. Wigglesworth School, where Apathy Kat and his friends attend class under the tyrannical teachings of Professor Straightlace. And the smooth AK revels playing the role of thorn in Straightlace’s side, foiling him at every turn in Straightlace’s never-ending crusade to trip him up.

There’s no side-splitting laughs, but the charm lies in the personalities of characters, like the beatnik bear Java who looks as if he’s found work after years of hawking Post Super Sugar Crisp, or sniveling teacher’s pet Poofy. Buchholz’ art is simple enough to work with the book’s smaller digest format, although the $8 price is high for such a size. But fans who missed Apathy Kat or like funny animals will find it worthwhile.

— Jim Johnson
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