Babyhead Magazine

    (Slave Labor, 2002)
™ and © Slave Labor Graphics

Here’s another comic book anthology that’s stuffed with content, evenly divided between illustrated prose humor pieces about 70s TV shows and critically cool super–hero/fantasy strips that deliver post–modern, multicultural entertainment. Thick, rich, and dense, Babyhead Magazine may be expensive, but readers will get their money’s worth.

Showing a near–fetish level of affection for the infinitely forgettable (is Gary Coleman really that big a cultural icon?), the humor pieces fall into the category of obvious “Behind the Music” and “Whatever Happened To?” segments about cartoon characters (though a piece about all the ethnic Super Friends lacking pants is funny), while the strips look like the early issues of Love & Rockets as if drawn by Dan DeCarlo and Paul Pope. Characters like Trip Hop Super Cop Hitachi Bubblegum (and flying monkey partner Sim-Sim) are so sweet and sharply rendered it’s a toss–up who’ll co–op these guys first, MTV or Marvel. Which brings us to the most original thing about this comic book: no credits, Who are these guys?

— S.A. Bennett

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 Contains references to retro 70’s and 80’s TV shows, toys, video games; 48 pages; B&WChris Jordan 

Mini-Comic #0.3

No copies available
 Babyhead Minizine #0.3; 16-page 5 1/2”x 8 1/2”free minicomic with attached Babyhead Magazine sticker inside; Self-published, not published by Slave Labor GraphicsChris JordanChris Jordan