The Big Book of Hoaxes

    (Paradox, 1996)
™ and ©1996 DC Comics, Inc.

The seventh of the Paradox Press “Big Books” is one of the most fascinating. Here we cover history’s great hoaxes, pranks, and scams—from the devious to the disastrous.

Illustrated by dozens of notable comic artists, the book retells the story of such notable put-ons as Mary Toft, the Bunny Mommy who convinced the court of England that she was giving birth to bunnies after being molested by a giant rabbit. Another royal scam involved “Mad Otto,” the King of Bavaria, who was given to shooting at his subjects. To prevent disaster, the court compromised with the king to let him kill just one peasant a day from, letting him “hunt” from his window at the castle. In reality, the king’s rifle was loaded with blanks, and the “peasants” were members of the guard dressed up for the occasion. Other scams include Ponzi and his get-rich scheme, the infamous “Princess Caraboo,” the Hitler diaries, and even an outrageous plan to saw Manhattan in half!

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Anthology; B&WCarl Sifakis, Steve Vance, Paul M. Yellovich, Tom Peyer, Robert Loren Fleming, George Hagenauer, Carl PoseyMark A. Nelson, Russ Heath, Rian Hughes, Eric Shanower, J.J. Birch, Graham Higgins, Jim Fern, Tom Sutton, Lee Moder, Ty Templeton, Joe Orlando, Alex Wald, Michael T. Gilbert, George Freeman, Paul Guinan, Roger Langridge, Joe Sacco, Prentis Rollins, James Romberger, Hilary Barta, Terry Beatty, Peter Kuper, Derec Aucoin, Rick Geary, Graham Manley, Frank Quitely, Howard Cruse, Karen Platt, Shepherd Hendrix, Gahan Wilson, Rick Parker, J. M. Beroy, Ed Hannigan, Ralph Reese, Jason Lutes, Tayyar Ozkan, Randy DuBurke, Sergio Aragonés, Rodney Ramos, D’Israeli, Ted Slampyak, Nathaniel R. Merriam, Christian Alamy, Robin Smith, Joe Staton, Paul Pope, Steven Lieber, Jose Maria Sauri, Gary Fields, Greg Larocque, Jay Stephens, Gray Morrow, Hunt Emerson, David G. Klein, Colin MacNeil, Steve Leialoha, Bill Alger, Bruce Patterson, Hermann Mejia, Ned Sonntag