Armageddon: The Alien Agenda

    (DC, 1991-1992)
™ and ©1991 DC Comics, Inc.

In the Armageddon 2001 saga, Hank Hall, better known as Hawk, goes berserk after the death of his female partner, Dove. He changes his name to Monarch and creates a neutron warhead in hopes of blasting everyone he knows out of existence. (That’s one creative way to deal with grief!) However, Captain Atom comes in to save the day and redirects the neutron flow back upon Monarch and himself. As a result, both Monarch and Captain Atom then blast back through time, finally landing on Earth in the age of dinosaurs.

Armageddon: The Alien Agenda continues the saga as our heroes struggle to save prehistoric earth from extraterrestrials intent on creating a galactic express lane, survive encounters with Roman Gladiators, and eventually find their way back to 1991.

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