Arsenic Lullaby: The Devil’s Only Friend

    (Arsenic Lullaby, 2016)
™ and © Arsenic Lullaby

(from the publisher)

Direct from its second appearance on Comedy Central, the dark humor cult-favorite returns with a brand-new edition of despicable stories you’ll be ashamed you laughed at. A witch Doctor living in the suburbs and his zombie fetus army attempts to train his replacement in the ways of revenge; Cthulhu oversleeps and apparently misses the Apocalypse; a demon attempts to use an Ouija board to find a better life “upstairs”; all these, plus many more funny, and awful stories!

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  Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz

#1 Hardcover

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  Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz

Ashcan #1

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No indicia, Blank area on back cover for sketchLimited to 300 copies; Front page reads“This contains stories from the upcoming Arsenic Lullaby collection’The Devil’s Only Friend’”Douglas PaszkiewiczDouglas Paszkiewicz