American Splendor: Windfall

    (Dark Horse, 1995)
™ and ©1995 Harvey Pekar

Harvey Pekar’s unique genius is that he can show the annoying parts of life without any sentimentality whatsoever. Whether he’s talking about gate changes and flight delays or fender benders on snow-covered highways, he lets the reader get right inside his head. Ever part of his writing rings true. As always, this can be in turns refreshing and depressing.

This autobiographical mini-series covers the period in Pekar’s life from November 1993 to May 1994. The chief theme is Harvey’s need for hip replacement surgery following his battle with cancer. Curmudgeonly and stubborn, Pekar initially refused to consider the operation because of his horrible experience with cancer treatment. Then, two unexpected bits of financial windfall (and some new information about the risks of surgery) raised his spirits enough to give it a go.

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 B&WHarvey PekarFrank Stack, Gary Dumm, Joe Zabel, Josh Neufeld


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 B&WHarvey Pekar, Joyce BrabnerJoe Sacco, Josh Neufeld, Scott A. Gilbert, Frank Stack, Joe Zabel