More How to Draw Manga

    (Japanese Publications, 2004)
™ and © 2003 Hikaru Hayashi, Rio Yagizawa, Graphic-sha Publishing Co, Ltd.

After the breakthrough success of manga into the American comics industry there quickly followed a succession of How To manuals directed at the more than enthusiastic new audience dying to learn how to emulate the style of their favorite fad. The How to Draw Manga series, now available in an English translation imported from Japan, is perhaps the most comprehensive (and expensive) source for quality references and lessons; running in excess of 20 volumes priced at $19.95 each. The More How to Draw Manga series now expands upon its predecessor into other areas of manga art, such as techniques for inking, how to design stock characters, or “how to enhance a character’s sense of presence,” etc. for the insatiable aficionado.

Fans just getting their feet wet in the genre may also be interested in checking out a few of the novice titles like Antarctic Press’s How Not to Draw Manga.

— Shiaw-Ling Lai
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