Batman: Vengeance of Bane II

    (DC, 1995)
™ and ©1995 DC Comics, Inc.

This is a special story for Batman fans. In 1993, DC Comics published the mega-crossover story, Knightfall, in which a little-known villain called Bane managed to defeat and cripple Batman. Bane’s powers came from a drug called “Venom” which gives its users incredible strength, but at the price of addiction and madness.

In Vengeance of Bane II, Bane redirects his rage at the people truly responsible for his downfall. Locked away in prison since the end of Knightfall, Bane has shaken the hold Venom had on his own life. He then devised a plan to break free of prison and return to his home country of Santa Prisca, where he could exact his revenge on the father who used him as a test subject to study the effects of Venom. With the help of the KGBeast, Bane stages his escape, finds his hidden gear, and actually fights side by side with Batman as they try to end the stream of Venom making its way onto Gotham’s streets.

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 NN; One-shotChuck DixonGraham Nolan