The Best of The Legion Outpost

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The Legion Outpost is the late, lamented by some, Legion of Super-Heroes fanzine. Most issues were published in the early 1970s, with a six–year hiatus before the final issue in 1981. The Legion Outpost was instrumental in reviving The Legion and moving the team into its own series. TwoMorrows’ previous Legion Companion was composed almost exclusively of interviews. There are plenty of interviews here, as well, but there’s lots more. Sure, some of the articles read like old newspapers, focusing as they do on issues such as then current costume changes and other long–since–moot topics. But there are also lots of continuity-based articles. Len Rosenberg, for example, provides an in–depth analysis of Legionnaire astrology. Kim Metzger provided a humorous op–ed piece in the form of a suicide note. Politics on Matter-Eater Lad’s homeworld of Bismoll and the look of alien Legionnaires are among other noteworthy pieces. And the infamous, not–then–resolved, “adult Legion” stories cast their ominous shadow throughout. In short, The Best of The Legion Outpost is a must for the serious Legion fan.

— Jack Abramowitz

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158 pages; B&WGlen Cadigan, Mike Flynn, Harry Broertjes, Richard Foster, Rich Morrissey, George Vincent, Mike Valerio, Margie Spears, Dave Cockrum, Ed Kurpis, Kari Smarti, Jim Balko, Jay L. Zilber, Cary Bates, Murray Boltinoff, Richard G. Fowler, Matt Lage, Kevin Gould, Len Rosenberg, Kim Metzger, Tom Bierbaum, Ken Gale, Michael Ellis, Carol StricklandDave Cockrum, Bob McLeod, Fred Hembeck, Joe Staton, Dick Giordano, Cynthia Martin, Michael Netzer, Mike Grell, Jim Mooney, Jeffrey Moy, Sergio Aragonés, Ramona Fradon, Karl Kesel, Steve Lieber, June Brigman, Paul Ryan, Al Milgrom, James Sherman, Joe Rubinstein, Ric Estrada, Bob Layton, Duffy Vohland, Juan Ortiz, Jimmy Janes, Colleen Doran, Neal Adams, Michael Ellis, Matt Hawkins, José Luis García-López, Ron Frenz, Marshall Rogers, Scott Johnson