Black Flag (Image)

    (Image, 1994)
™ and ©1994 Dan Fraga

In recent years, “Black Flag” has been the name of a household pesticide, a pretty darn good punk band—and in 1994, a comic book series from Image Comics that appeared only once before fading away (later to be resurrected at Image’s sister company, Maximum Press).

That first issue introduced us to an interesting collection of characters: a couple of kids who imagine themselves as interdimensional adventurers; a covert operations veteran called Sniper, who faces a bestial version of himself named Black Rain; the requisite scantily clad mercenary-babe who goes by the name Geisha, although she appears to be a brassy American; and a seven-foot tall, intelligent gorilla with weapons training. It’s an interesting bunch, but one is not always clear on where they’re all going.

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Ashcan #1

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Preview edition; 1st appearance of Geisha; 1st appearance of Sniper; 1st appearance of Black Rain