The Big Book of the Weird Wild West

    (Paradox, 1998)
™ and ©1998 Paradox

The fourteenth in the Paradox Press line of Big Books—which focus on the absolute strangeness the history books often ignore—The Big Book of the Weird Wild West offers up well over sixty stories of the unusual, the bizarre, and the downright creepy stuff that happened on the American frontier. This book tells the stories of so-called “hanging judges” like George Maledon, who so enjoyed sentencing criminals to the gallows that he retired in utter disappointment when his last death sentence was overturned; homosexuality among those grisly, macho cowboys; and the various ghosts that haunted the American West.

This is an excellent addition to the Big Books library.

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 Anthology; B&WJohn Whalen, Deb Picker, Richard Klaw, Ben OstranderRuss Heath, Galen Showman, Pat Boyette, Bruce Patterson, Sam Glanzman, Paul Guinan, Eben Matthews, Chris Schenck, Steve Leiber, Shepherd Hendrix, Trevor Von Eeden, Timothy Shamey, Sergio Aragones