Alien Worlds

    (Pacific, 1982-1985)

Alien Worlds is a terrific collection of science-fiction stories by such famous authors as William F. Nolan and Richard Corben. In this series, you’ll find post-nuclear worlds inhabited by a race of murderous children; playground hucksters who employ miniature aliens to help them scam their playmates; robots in love, and much, much more.

Following in the great tradition of the pre-code EC comics of the fifties, Alien Worlds is a must-read for fans of great science-fiction. Sadly, this series ran only seven issues before publisher Pacific Comics went out of business. It then ran two final issues under the Eclipse Comics label before its cancellation.

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6 copies available from $3.50
  Bruce JonesAl Williamson, Nestor Redondo, Tim Conrad, Val Mayerik


3 copies available from $14.95
  Bruce Jones, Dave StevensBruce Jones, Dave Stevens, Ken Steacy


10 copies available from $5.00
  Bruce JonesKen Steacy, Scott Hampton, Tom Yeates


4 copies available from $13.00
  Bruce JonesAl Williamson, Bo Hampton, Bruce Jones, Jeff Jones, Ken Steacy


4 copies available from $6.50
  Bruce JonesAdolfo Buylla, John Bolton, Ken Steacy, Tom Yeates


2 copies available from $17.99
  Bruce JonesFrank Brunner, Jim Sullivan, Roy G. Krenkel, Val Mayerik


2 copies available from $9.95
  Bruce Jones, William F. NolanBrent Anderson, George Pérez, Gray Morrow, Richard Corben


10 copies available from $3.25
 Eclipse Comics begins as publisherBruce Jones, Jan Strnad, William F. NolanAl Williamson, Ken Steacy, Paul Rivoche, Rand Holmes


2 copies available from $17.99
 Final IssueDavid Carren, Frank Brunner, Bruce JonesBo Hampton, Frank Brunner, Mike Hoffman

3-D Special #1

4 copies available from $3.75
 3-D SpecialBruce JonesArthur Adams, Jim Sullivan, John Bolton, Bill Wray, Rand Holmes

Book #1

1 copy available for $29.99
  Bruce JonesBob Fingerman, Eric Shanower, Ralph Reese, Thom Enriquez, Bill Wray