Batman: Spoiler/Huntress—Blunt Trauma

    (DC, 1998)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Stephanie Brown is the Spoiler, a new costumed vigilante trained by Robin. Her father, unfortunately, is Arthur Brown, the Cluemaster: an arch-criminal.

When a cataclysm tears up the city of Gotham, Arthur and his prison buddies make their escape from the maximum security Blackgate Prison. Their immediate destination is a mall where Stephanie (as the Spoiler) is attempting to aid victims and stop looters. Aiding her is Helena Bertinelli—the Huntress—who also has tried to redeem a troubled family name by becoming a costumed crimefighter. Inevitably, father and daughter clash in a battle of greed, family loyalty, and the desire to serve justice.

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 One-shot; Continues in Detective Comics #721Chuck DixonEduardo Barreto