BattleTide II

    (Marvel UK, 1993)
Marvel UK

In the midst of a battle in a volatile environment far out in the galactic suburbs, Death’s Head II and Tuck fight the cosmic force known as The BattleTide.

Just then the action-loving, simple-minded Killpower comes along to save the day. Unfortunately he somehow manages to accidentally set off a nuclear explosion. Luckily, Death’s Head’s guardians, the Robot Knights of the Tempered Brotherhood pull our heroes out just in time to tell them some bad news. One of Death’s Head’s more renegade personalities has broken loose to wreak havoc upon the world and has, in the process, booby-trapped Death’s Head’s already complex brain. Death’s Head, Killpower, and some surprise super-companions now have to track down the renegade, recapture him and make him reverse the trap before Death’s Head is destroyed.

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