Legion of Super-Heroes Secret Files

    (DC, 1998-1999)
™ and ©1998 DC Comics

Over the years, DC’s futuristic gang of super-teens, the Legion of Super-Heroes, has been one of the most popular, fun, and well-executed titles in its lineup. The Legion features nearly 30 different characters in rotating roles, with a myriad of sub-plots and a truckload of back-issue continuity issues. Legion: Secret Files helps provide readers with a scorecard to keep track of who’s who and what happened when.

The one-shot special retells the group’s origin and profiles the three original members: the gravity-manipulating Cosmic Boy, lightning master Live Wire, and the telepathic Saturn Girl. Additionally, there’s a dossier of info on many of the team’s other members and a detailed two-page spread of every Legion hero and villain. Legion: Secret Files is a treat for any fan of the Legion’s adventures.
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January, 1998
Cover Price: $4.95
4 copies available from $4.09
Tom McCraw, Tom PeyerBarry Kitson, Chris Sprouse, Colleen Doran, Cully Hamner, Dan Jurgens, Humberto Ramos, Jason Armstrong, Jeffrey Moy, Lee Moder, Leonard Kirk, Mike Collins, Paul Pelletier, Phil Jimenez, Todd Nauck, W.C. Carani, Ron Boyd
June, 1999
Cover Price: $4.95
4 copies available from $3.00
Andy Lanning, Dan Abnett, Matt Brady, Tom McCraw, Tom PeyerChuck Wojtkiewicz, Cully Hamner, Derec Aucoin, Dusty Abell, Greg Luzniak, Jeffrey Moy, Kilian Plunkett, Matt Haley, Olivier Coipel, Phil Jimenez, Sean Phillips, Norman Lee