(Fleetway Quality, 1979-1991)
™ and ©1979 Fleetway Editions, Ltd.

This digest-sized, black and white periodical published in England, featured space opera stories that were heavy on plot and scope but light on characterization. For example, in one issue, an evil alien race poisons the earth killing almost everything and forcing the few survivors to emigrate to a new planet. Infrastructure on the new planet springs up within one panel and civilization continues with no discernible trauma. One hundred years later, the earth is cleansed and everyone just moves back even though this generation would have no emotional connection to their ancestors’ planet. For the sake of symmetry, the alien race attacks again but this time the itinerant humans even the score.

The back cover displayed a series of numbered photographs of actual space exploration events with capsule descriptions called, “In the Conquest of Space.”
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