Asrial/Cheetah: Dragonblade

    (Antarctic, 2001)
™ and © Antarctic Press

The characters of Antarctic’s American manga series Gold Digger and Ninja High School meet to track down the mysterious Dragonblade in this 32-page one-shot.

The story features an easy-to-follow plot with well-defined characters, and writer-artist Ben Dunn is an expert, and his work stands up well to traditional manga.

Gold Digger is a group of adventuring archaeologists composed of anthropomorphic and human characters, and Asrial and Jeremy are humans (except for Asrial’s cat-ears) who just happen to attend Ninja High School. Together, they don’t mix well, and there’s a lot of fighting and arguing over who gets to track down the Dragonblade. They discover that humans can’t touch the blade, so all the furry characters get to explore, while the humans have to wait outside. Except for the girl with fake bunny ears, of course.

The one drawback is that one of the monsters that the Gold Diggers and Ninja High Schoolers face is obviously a Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons. Instead of using an established creature, Dunn, David Hutchinson, and Robby Bevard could have easily created something else.

Anime-loving kids who have outgrown Pokémon but are turned off by the violence in Dragonball Z will enjoy this story tremendously.

— Steve Horton

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 Asrial & Cheetah racing in armorBen Dunn, Robby BevardBen Dunn

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 Asrial & Cheetah fighting in armorBen Dunn, Robby BevardBen Dunn