Radioactive Man (Vol. 2)

    (Bongo, 2000-2004)
™ and ©2000 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation
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A tremendous spoof from the Simpsons franchise, this comic is meant to be part of the ongoing series of Bart Simpson’s favorite hero, Radioactive Man, whose clean nuclear power is derived from a bit of lightning shaped shrapnel in his head (sort of makes a secret identity problematic, doesn’t it?). Although published by Bongo Comics, the purveyor of other Simpsons books, including Bartman, Itchy & Scratchy Comics and the Radioactive Man mini-series, this comic is a total spoof of Marvel books from the 70s. Good ol’ RM ruminates on every page as hippies kidnap Radioactive Man’s sidekick Fallout Boy. The Marvel swipes are expertly done—right down to the one-line house ads that ran along the bottom margin of most Bronze Age Marvel books. If the essence of a Simpsons episode could be distilled on paper, it might read something like this. Good, clean nuclear fun, and well worth a look.
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#4 March 1953 on cover; 4th issue Batton LashMike DeCarlo
June, 2003
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Jesse Leon McCann, Ty Templeton, Chris Yambar, Chuck DixonAbel Laxamana, Ty Templeton, Mike DeCarlo, Hilary Barta

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Batton LashBatton Lash, Jason Ho, Bill Morrison

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Morty Mann, Batton LashMorty Mann, Batton Lash
March, 2002
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Batton LashMike DeCarlo