Bernie Wrightson, Master of the Macabre

    (Pacific, 1983-1984)
™ and ©1984 Berni Wrightson

Turn your mind back to the 1950s: Eisenhower was in the White House, the Cold War was just beginning, and the great EC Comics terrified children everywhere with its brilliantly gruesome horror comics. Before the Comics Code Authority dictated what could and could not be shown in comic books, the genre was filled with ax murderers, alien monsters, and some of the best horror/science-fiction stories ever penned.

Unfortunately most of us were born too late to catch the original EC comics. Luckily, Pacific Comics brought back their flavor in the work of Bernie Wrightson, one of the great masters of horror in this fantastic series. So read, if you dare, but make sure you leave a light on. You never know who’s lurking out there in the dark…

Note: Although Wrightson’s first name is spelled “Berni” for this title, it is listed here (and elsewhere in ComicBase) as “Bernie” for consistency with the spelling used by him on his later work.

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6 copies available from $5.15
 Reprints Creepy (Magazine); Edgar Allan Poe adaptation (The Black Cat); Edgar Allen Poe adaptation (“The Black Cat”)Bernie Wrightson, Edgar Allan PoeBernie Wrightson


7 copies available from $2.21
 Reprints Eerie (Warren); H.P. Lovecraft adaptation (Cool Air)Bruce Jones, Bernie Wrightson, H.P. LovecraftBernie Wrightson


4 copies available from $7.35
 Reprints Creepy (Magazine)Bernie Wrightson, Nicola Cuti, Bill DuBayBernie Wrightson


4 copies available from $8.00
 Washington Irving adaptation (The Legend of Sleepy Hollow); Includes 1-page pin-upBernie Wrightson, Virgil North, Washington IrvingBernie Wrightson, Jeff Jones, Alan Weiss


No copies available
 Reprints Web of Horror #2-3; Reprints stories from Web of Horror #2-3; Final Issue; Published by Eclipse ComicsBernie WrightsonBernie Wrightson