Batman: The Ultimate Evil

    (DC, 1995)
™ and ©1995 DC Comics, Inc.

Batman has spent a lifetime fighting crime—or so he believed. It was a chance meeting with a social worker that began to convince him that what he had really been fighting all these years was merely the criminals. The root causes of crime had remained untouched by his efforts.

And what were those causes? Poverty was a contributing factor, but Batman came to learn that the it was the child’s experiences growing up that turn him or her bad. It can begin as abuse or neglect, but as Batman investigated further he learned of an even worse evil done to children. Some adults found profit in exploiting children sexually, either as kiddie porn, prostitution, or even selling them into slavery. In this two-part saga by acclaimed writer Andrew Vachss (Hard Looks), Batman takes a vow to stop those who commit this evil. And in doing so he begins an investigation that leads not only into the heart of the child sex trade, but also to the secret of his own parents’ murder.

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 Adapts Andrew Vachss novel; Prestige formatAndrew Vachss, Neal Barrett Jr.Denys Cowan


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 Adapts Andrew Vachss novelAndrew Vachss, Neal Barrett Jr.Denys Cowan