The Big Book of Scandal!

    (Paradox, 1997)
™ and ©1997 Paradox Press, an imprint of DC Comics. Stories and art ©1997 the individual creators.

The twelfth Big Book from Paradox Press wallows in the lurid world of tabloid news. Here we’ll find showbiz greats such as Fatty Arbuckle and Charlie Chaplin, whose legends were ruined by personal indiscretions. We also find unfortunate folks, such as John DeLorean, who broke new ground with the hot-selling GTO, but whose own company was doomed to failure, and who was entrapped into gaining additional financing through illicit cocaine sales.

Of course, political figures, such as Richard Nixon and Oliver North, also figure prominently in this book of scandal. The most interesting piece, however, is probably the savage dissecting of O.J. Simpson’s murder defense, and the circus-like trial(s!) that followed.

This Big Book was written by Jonathan Vankin, and illustrated by a host of comic artists including Paul Gulacy, Rick Geary, David Lloyd, and Sergio Aragonés.

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Anthology; Introduction & Afterword by Stephen DeStefano; 191 pages; B&WJonathan VankinAlan Weiss, Alex Wald, Anthony Castrillo, Arnold Pander, Brian Buniak, Colleen Doran, Craig Hamilton, D’Israeli, David Lloyd, Gregory Benton, Hilary Barta, Marie Severin, Michael Perkins, Paul Gulacy, Rick Geary, Steve Pugh, Ty Templeton, Eric Shanower, Jean-Claude Padilla, Randy DuBurke, Robert Snyder, Rick Parker, Anthony Modano, Joe Orlando, Bryan Talbot, Hunt Emerson, John Cebollero, Graham Manley, Danny Hellman, Cully Hamner, Charlie Adlard, Andrew Wendel, Don Cameron, Dan Lawlis, Sergio Aragonés, Ward Sutton, Joe Sacco, Tayyar Ozkan, Galen Showman, Shepherd Hendrix, Joe Staton, Steve Mannion, Bob Hall, Dick Giordano, Robin Smith, Steven Lieber, Walt Simonson, S. M. Taggart, Lennie Mace, Jim Pascoe, Bob Fingerman, Glenn Barr, Alwyn Talbot