Barney Bear Home Plate

    (Barbour, 2000)
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Barney Bear Home Plate, by Al Hartley, is a Kiddies Christian Comic—an illustrated story used to teach children about the Bible. The colorful drawings and light hearted story of a family of bears living all too human lives masks a greater message of family values and respecting one’s parents.

Barney Bear is your average cub. He plays on a Little League baseball team, hates broccoli and leaves his room a mess. When he tells his father that his friends think his parents are too strict, the loving papa bear goes about showing his son why they do the things they do—only he uses a garden as his analogy. As the father and son tend to the garden, seeing that it receives all the TLC necessary to grow strong roots, the cub comes to realize that he too needs strong roots to survive in the real world. As the story states, the family is God’s garden and He wants to grow beautiful, healthy fruit.

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