Alien Legion: Jugger Grimrod

    (Epic, 1992)
™ and ©1992 Carl Potts

His comrade had said that Ocadus was a tropical paradise, full of sun, sand, good drinks, and willing females. It was just a shame that he had to go, since he had such pressing family business elsewhere…and would it perhaps be possible to switch assignments with Jugger? Jugger Grimrod fell for it—bad. He soon discovered that Ocadus was a desolate, primitive dirtball of a planet. Worse yet, the natives were in the midst of a terrible civil war, which the local Alien Legion command seemed helpless to stop.

Could it truly be up to Jugger—an oddball amidst a legion of misfits—to put down a Legion mutiny and end a civil war? He may just do it—if only to live long enough to gain revenge on the “friend” who tricked him into this assignment!
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August, 1992
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Chuck DixonMike McMahon