(AC, 1983-1984)
™ Americomics, ©1983 AC Comics

April 1983 saw the debut of Americomics (AC), along with the premiere issue of this, their vanguard title. The first issue introduced Roger Brant, a man who has learned to unleash an astral projection of himself known as Shade to fight evil. Shade continued through the series, along with such characters as the Slayer, the Messenger, and Captain Freedom & the Liberty Corps.

AC also picked up the rights to reprint several unpublished stories from the defunct Charlton Bullseye. AC began running these with Americomics #3. AC also rescued Charlton characters Captain Atom, Blue Beetle, Nightshade, and the Question from obscurity, bringing them together in a special edition of Americomics. Several of these characters were later acquired by DC.

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Yellow stock coverPromotional item; Giveaway; Previews of upcoming titles; 8 pages; B&W; ca. 1982Bill Black 


10 copies available from $2.50
 1st Appearance of the Shade (Americomics); 1st Appearance of the Shade (Roger Brant); Origin of the Shade (Americomics); Origin of the Shade (Roger Brant)Bill Black, Craig ZabloBill Black, John Beatty


5 copies available from $2.00
  Martin Greim, Bill Black, Jerry OrdwayRik Levins, Jerry Ordway, Dave Matthews


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 Origin of Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)Rik Levins, Leo J. Laney, Neal Stannard, Bill BlackRik Levins, Bill Black, Leo J. Laney


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 1st appearance of Dragonfly (Nancy Arazello); Origin of Dragonfly (Nancy Arazello)Rik Levins, Martin GreimRik Levins, Will Blyberg, Martin Greim


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  Bill Black, Neal StannardVic Bridges, Don Lomax, Kevin Dzuban


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 1st Appearance of Scarlet Scorpion (Mike McCluskey); Origin of Scarlet Scorpion (Mike McCluskey)Rik LevinsRik Levins

Special Edition #1

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 SpecialDan St. John, Greg GulerGreg Guler, Matt Feazell