(Dark Visions, 1993)
™ and ©1993 Eric Treadway

Like in the popular soup, there’s a real hodgepodge of stuff swimming around in this anthology series. The story “Neophyte,” set 15 years in the future, focuses on a half-man, half-machine creature labeled as a vampire killer, for each month he must drink human blood to survive. He’s hardly bloodthirsty, though; in fact, his murderous actions sicken him. Hating his very existence, his only goal is to bring down the soulless technological giant, Cyber-Tech International, that created him.

In a second tale, “Eidolon,” a man wakes up dead with no recollection of his past, and as a ghost—visible to frightened humans—he walks the earth seeking answers. Finally, “The Enforcers” presents a team of costumed super-heroes, whose powers range from telepathic to wielding deadly weapons, battling in a war against evil forces that not all of them are likely to survive. In short, a lot of different ideas are presented in this black-and-white series from Dark Visions Publishing.
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December, 1993
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C.D. Russel, Kenneth Nelson Jr.B. Mullins, Kenneth Nelson Jr.