The Big Book of Conspiracies

    (Paradox, 1995)
©1995 Paradox Press

The fourth of Paradox Press’s Big Books takes a look at the shadowy world of conspiracy theories. With established plots and cover-ups like Watergate, Silkwood, and the Iran-Contra scandal, it’s easy to become a little bit nervous about the establishment. When you add in the assassinations of John F. Kennedy (with its magic bullets, grassy knolls, Mafia figures, and CIA connections), Malcolm X, Robert Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, it’s enough to turn almost anyone into a paranoid.

This book explores all these schemes and more, using a stream of real and imagined “facts” to explain how shadowy forces including the CIA, the Freemasons, the Vatican, the Trilateral Commission, and even aliens from outer space may be conspiring to shape world events. It also covers some plots even the authors admit are far-fetched. How much of it all is true? If any, it’s probably more than we would like to know.

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Anthology; B&W; ca. 1995Doug Moench, Rev. Ivan Stang, Michael Avon OemingRoger Langridge, Robin Smith, Randy DuBurke, Danny Hellman, Russell Braun, Barron Storey, Zina Saunders, Alex Wald, Graham Higgins, Kirk-Albert Etienne, John Garcia, Jeff Newman, Paul Guinan, Ernie Stiner, Rick Geary, Pat Broderick, Carl Critchlow, Frank Quitely, Mitch O’Connell, Graham Manley, Bryan Talbot, Lennie Mace, Russ Heath, Art Wetherell, Donald David, Michael Avon Oeming, Tristan Schane, Tayyar Ozkan, Justin Green, Duncan Eagleson, Bob Smith, Kevin O’Neill, Brett Ewins, Greg Larocque, Andrew Wendel, Stephen Blue, Richard Piers Rayner, Sean Scoffield, Harry S. Robins