(DC, 1995-1996)
™ and ©1995 DC Comics, Inc.

Nicky Kovak grew up under the wing of mob boss D’Angelo. To Kovak, D’Angelo was more like a father than his real father was, and the mob became his family. That relationship culminated in high school when Nicky Kovak would kill his real father before dropping out of sight. Many years later, Nicky Kovak would become Nick Kelly, an undercover operative working as a federal agent. In his identity of Argus, he wears a high-tech suit of weaponry, and “eyes” that give him tactical readouts on the enemies he faces.

Nick’s various identities clash when he is assigned to infiltrate D’Angelo’s organization. This Argus will be taking arms against the man he considered a father just as the Argus of legend fought against father Zeus to disastrous results. To make matters worse, D’Angelo’s super-powered enforcers Shiv and Hartley join together to give the “returning son” a very deadly homecoming.

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April, 1995
16 copies available from $0.75
 Versus RazerMark BertoliniDarryl Knickrehm


June, 1995
12 copies available from $0.75
  Allan Gross, Mark WheatleyPhil Hester


July, 1995
8 copies available from $0.75
  Mark BertoliniDarryl Knickrehm


August, 1995
6 copies available from $0.75
  Allan Gross, Mark WheatleyPhil Hester


September, 1995
3 copies available from $0.96
  Allan Gross, Mark WheatleyLuke McDonnell


October, 1995
5 copies available from $0.96
 Final IssueAllan Gross, Mark WheatleyLuke McDonnell