Beyond (Blue)

    (Blue, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Kyle Kaminski and Jason Krause

This anthology released by fledgling publisher Blue was supposed to be a two-issue series featuring a variety of creators and a diverse selection of stories which could be spun-off into other series. Unfortunately, only one issue was released leaving readers to wonder exactly where each story was headed. The Resistants, Talisman, Wraith, and Dust are the four stories presented. Not much new ground is broken with these stories which feature typical science fiction/super-hero themes. With edgier art and better storytelling, Dust is the highlight of this comic, a bizarre tale with a Frankenstein/X-Files feel to it.

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 Kyle Kaminski, John Watkins-Chow, Kristine Brennan, Jonathan Proctor, Noel FernandezJason Howard, Jason Krause, John Watkins-Chow