High Stakes Adventures

    (Antarctic, 1998)
™ and © 1998 Meteor City Productions

This colorful anthology features several different types of stories. “The Big Game Featuring The Shotgun Kid“ focuses on a former Texas Ranger who now leads an immortal life of adventure. “Giant Fighters“ relates the adventures of a group of high-tech adventurers who take down great big threats to humanity. “S.E.A. Force“ patrols the world’s oceans and protects whatever civilizations may exist there. “Danger Squad“ is a group of mercenaries who are searching for the father of team member Jennifer St. John. Fun stuff! And nicely packaged!
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Cover Price: $2.95
7 copies available from $3.00
Shannon Denton, Kurt HathawayKurt Hathaway, Shannon Denton
#1 Deluxe Edition
December, 1998
Cover Price: $5.95
1 copy available for $5.25
Kurt Hathaway, Shannon DentonKurt Hathaway, Shannon Denton