Batman in the Sixties

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Most Batman fans have disdain for this particular decade of the Dark Knight, which is epitomized by the 1966-68 Adam West television series. However, there is a goodly amount of quality stories contained in this collection. While it might not be quite up to par of the material by Dick Sprang in the 40s and 50s or Neal Adams in the 70s or even Frank Miller in the 80s, that is no reason to ignore this decade’s stories. This is the decade that marked the first Silver Age appearances of The Penguin, The Riddler, and Catwoman, and introduced Poison Ivy, Batgirl, and a new Batmobile.

— Mark Arnold

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 Collects Batman #131, 144, 148, 155, 179, 181, 200, 217, Detective Comics #298, 341, 349, 369, 388-391, Batman Kellogg’s Special; Introduction by Adam West; Batgirl appearnce  

#1 - 2nd printing

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