Batman: In Darkest Knight

    (DC, 1994)
™ and © 1994 DC Comics

What if Bruce Wayne discovered a dying alien with a powerful gift to bestow instead of test pilot Hal Jordan? In this Elseworlds tale, a young Wayne, searching for a masked identity to launch his crusade for revenge, takes on the mantle of Green Lantern and crafts a darker persona out of that galactic symbol of order. His pursuit of justice for Earth and his hometown conflicts with his more expansive duties in the Corps, pitting him against the Guardians and a new arch-foe, the evil Sinestro. In a cute twist, Sinestro dons the distinctive garb of our reality’s Joker, and Wayne must form an emerald tinged Justice League to defeat the demented ring-bearer and avenge the deaths of the innocent. A new champion is born in this entertaining but routinely illustrated alternate adventure, and we learn that the essential nobility and heroism of Bruce Wayne remains unchanged in any reality.

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 Elseworlds; Bruce Wayne as Green LanternMike W. BarrJerry Bingham

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  Mike W. BarrJerry Bingham