(High Drive, 1992)
Story ©1992 Kathleen Hanna. Artwork ©1992 Matthew Zodrow

Antabuse is distributed by High Drive Publications, whose motto is “Subversion and sexuality through micropublishing.” This title, the work of San Francisco artist Matthew Zodrow and writer Kathleen Hanna, fits that offbeat category nicely.

Presented in two oversized black-and-white issues, Antabuse is a dark look at sex, abortion, and the perils of growing up. The first issue is an almost brutally frank depiction of a fifteen year-old girl’s trip to the abortion clinic after “a little accident” with her boyfriend. Disturbing in its very casualness, the storyline alternates panels between the events leading to the girl’s situation, and the details of her current plan for dealing with it.

It’s very thought-provoking reading, but recommended for mature audiences only.
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