Batman: Son of the Demon

    (DC, 1987)
™ and ©1987 DC Comics

Reading the opening pages of this story, you get the feeling you're watching a first-run action movie, before the opening credits roll. Combining the exact amounts of action, romance, exotic locales, beautiful women and beliveiable bad-guys, Mike W. Barr writes an excellent story to match beautiful art by Jerry Bingham.

The story centers around Batman's arch-enemy, Ra's Al-Ghul (pronounced Raesch-Al-Ghoul) and actually shows a human side of Batman when he will become son-in-law to Ra's and the father of Talia's baby.

If you ever want to introduce a non-comics reader to the world of Batman, show them this story. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being the best, this story rates a 1,000,000.

— Earl Green

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Book #1

2 copies available from $23.00
 Mike W. BarrJerry Bingham

Book #1 - 2nd printing

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2nd printingMike W. BarrJerry Bingham

Book #1 - 3rd printing

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3th printing; Cover Andy KubertMike W. BarrJerry Bingham

Book #1 - 4th printing

1 copy available for $14.99
4th printingMike W. BarrJerry Bingham

Book #1 - 5th printing

No copies available
5th printingMike W. BarrJerry Bingham

Book #1 Hardcover

No copies available
Hardcover; ca. 1987Mike W. Barr, Mark HamillJerry Bingham