Prize Comics

    (Feature, 1940-1948)
™ and ©1945 Feature Publications, Inc.
Series continues in Prize Comics Western #68

Prize Comics was the flagship title of Prize Publications during the Golden Age. It featured the usual anthology of super-heroes, adventure strips, jungle action stories, aviation and spy tales, and humor. The main hero features of the book were the Black Owl, later succeeded by his sons, Yank and Doodle, and the Green Lama, who made his first appearance in Prize Comics #7. One of the best loved and remembered characters from the pages of Prize was Frankenstein, a goofy-humor version of Dr. Frankenstein’s famous monster, but capable of a wide and powerful storytelling range. The artwork and stories improved steadily, and Prize often featured art that was a step above the crude work of many of the lesser Golden Age publishers. In 1948, Prize became Prize Western Comics and turned to adaptations of movie Westerns.
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