Alley Cat Lingerie Edition

    (Image, 1999)
™ and © Image Comics, Inc.

Somewhere along the way, model Alley Baggett figured out that much of the comic-buying audience is male—and many of them would pay big bucks to see pictures of a half-naked woman done up as some sort of super-hero (“Alley Cat”). During the height of her unimpressive comic series, she issued this $4.95 “lingerie edition” which intersperses photos of Baggett with various artist-drawn pinups. There’s some nice work here by artists including Dorian and Dan Fraga, but the overall concept falls flat.

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3 copies available from $4.00
Cardstock coverPhotos and pin-ups John Bosco, Brett Evans, Bruce Brown, Dan Fraga, Dorian, Edwin Rosell, Francis Manapul, Greg Aronowitz, Harvey Butts, Jason Johnson, Jennifer Janesco, Marat Mychaels, Matt Busch, Michael Bair, Sean McCall, Tie