Archie’s Super Teens

    (Archie, 1994-1996)
™ and © Archie Publications

In the 60s when Batman was hitting the airwaves, super-hero comic books had a huge upsurge in popularity. Unfortunately, Archie Comics only had one successful character and he wasn’t a super-hero, so Pureheart the Powerful was born. Jughead became Captain Hero and Betty became Super Teen. They needed a villain too, so Reggie filled that role as Evilheart. This series of giant size specials compiled some of those original stories from the 60s as well as adding some brand new material. A quirky but fun variation to the traditional Archie formula.

— Mark Arnold

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 PosterElliot S! MagginJoe Staton


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  Fred HembeckBret Blevins


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  Len Strazewski, Frank DoyleScott Beardstadt, Bill Vigoda, Dan DeCarlo, Bob White


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  Evan Skolnick, Frank DoyleJohn Hebert, Dan DeCarlo, Bill Vigoda