Batman: Penguin Triumphant

    (DC, 1992)
™ and ©1992 DC Comics, Inc.

From a lonely jail cell, Oswald Cobblepot—the Penguin—dreams of revenge. In his dreams, he is tall, dashing, and always one or two steps ahead of his nemesis, Batman. And although even in real life both Cobblepot and Batman agree that Cobblepot is the smarter man, the Penguin has become obsessed with Batman, and that obsession has always been his downfall.

Now, inspired by an off-the-cuff remark by a TV commentator, the Penguin has hatched his most ingenious scheme yet—going legitimate. Instead of stealing the money from robbery, he would use his intelligence to make out like a bandit on the markets!

And if he could also find a way to manipulate Wall Street computers to do his bidding, well, all the better.

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Cover forms diptych with Batman: Catwoman Defiant John OstranderJoe Staton

#1 - 2nd printing

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 “Penguin” title in blueJohn OstranderJoe Staton