Avengelyne/Glory: The Godyssey

    (Maximum, 1996)
™ and ©1996 Rob Liefeld Inc. and Little Wolf Productions

This issue kicks off with a dream sequence that is not to be missed. Jesus, dying on the cross, is being mocked by Zeus and the rest of the classical Grecian gods. Suddenly (and here, you can definitely tell this is a Rob Liefeld production), Jesus opens his eyes and struggles down off the cross. Lurching like a pro wrestler who’s Just Not Going To Take It Anymore, he becomes…butt-kicking Jesus! Taking on all comers, he first pounds Hercules, then Poseidon, then—in the big title match—Zeus himself!

Nothing could possibly top this sequence, but then we see Avengelyne (the dreamer) waking up and being confronted by Glory. Glory informs Avengelyne that her dream was prophesy, and together the two head off to another dimension to stop a battle between the gods. It seems that Zeus has decided he’s through being ignored by mortals, and wants to take his aggression out on the Almighty. Of course, it’s up to these scantily clad babes to stop it all.

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  Rob Liefeld, Robert NaptonEd Benés, Michael Chang

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Photo cover Rob Liefeld, Robert NaptonEd Benés, Michael Chang