The Blaze Brothers (2nd Series)

    (Devil’s Due/1First, 2016)
™ and © Devil’s Due/1First Comics

(from the publisher)

Two orphaned half brothers, Jack and Billy Blaze, reared by an exiled Chinese martial arts Master and trained as deadly assassins by a secret US Black Ops force, resign their commission after a botched mission leaves them both near death. The two gun-toting, sword-wielding brothers resurface as high-level debt collectors, working exclusively for a vicious Japanese crime lord, Mr. Yamamoto. Believing that the Blaze Brothers have dishonored him, he places a two million dollar bounty on their heads. The Blaze Brothers must battle every hitman, assassin, and gang member in the city in an attempt to clear their names.

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  Matthew Scott KrentzMarat Mychaels