GloomCookie Presents: A Monster’s Christmas

    (Slave Labor, 2002)
™ and ©2002 Ted Naifeh and Serena Valentino

GloomCookie is the story of Lex and Damion, two lovers who suffer under a curse that kills Lex in incarnation after incarnation as Damion watches helplessly. It is also the story of Isabella, a wicked woman who seeks absolution from her sins. And it is the tale of Sebastian, who has the ability to make his deepest wishes come true. This is GloomCookie—a macabre little comic book from Slave Labor Graphics.

This Christmas special spotlights a monster who is waiting for a visit from Santa Claus, but what happens when Santa makes him wait too long? It also sees the return of the lonely and lovelorn Lex and looks at how her deepest, most desperate longings compare with her reality.

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 Serena ValentinoBreehn Burns, Tommy Kovac