Ambush Bug

    (DC, 1985)
ô and ©1985 DC Comics, Inc.

This corny character started out as a villain, but now has his own series as a wanna-be super-hero. Some people consider him insane, others simply realize that Ambush Bug has trouble thinking logically. He once fantasized he was super-manís partner, but in this series briefly took on his own sidekick, a rag doll he called Cheeks, the Toy Wonder. He has but one super-power: the ability to teleport anywhere at will. While that might not be enough to turn him into a real crime fighter, it does help to keep him from injuring himself too seriously as he stumbles through misadventure after misadventure.

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Death of CheeksKeith Giffen, Robert Loren FlemingKeith Giffen


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Versus QuantisKeith Giffen, Robert Loren FlemingKeith Giffen


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 Keith Giffen, Robert Loren FlemingKeith Giffen, Fred Hembeck


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Versus Argh!yle; Versus Scabbard; No credits in book - assumed from other issuesKeith Giffen, Robert Loren FlemingKeith Giffen