Awesome Man

    (Astonish, 2002-2003)
™ and ©2002 John Mateo

Joey was like any other grade school boy. He loved recess, hated girls, and above all he loved Awesome Man. Joey had to have all the Awesome Man toys, couldn’t miss the Awesome Man cartoon, and more than anything he wanted to be just like Awesome Man when he grew up.

One night, Joey hears a strange noise outside his house. Looking around, he comes across a bright glowing rock, which vanishes in front of him in a brilliant flash. The next morning, Joey wakes up to discover his wildest dream has come true: Joey has become Awesome Man. aNow, Joey must learn how to use his newfound powers and how to become the hero he’s always wanted to be.

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1 copy available for $2.25
 1st appearance of Awesome Man; Origin of Awesome Man; ca. 2002Joe Mateo, David OshimaJoe Mateo


1 copy available for $3.99
  Joe Mateo, David OshimaJoe Mateo