Totem: Sign of the Wardog (2nd Series)

    (Alpha, 1992-1994)
™ and ©1994 RJF

In the future the dominant race, the Mayar-Kan, wish to enslave the innocent. Only the Breed rebels stand in their way. A small band of these Breed fighters are the main characters in this series. The team consists of Angara the Wardog, Dundar Kay, Sgt. Nolan Underwood, and Betsy 85. Angara was a Native-American warrior whose spirit, upon his death, traveled to the future and entered the body of Charlie Butler, a rebel fighter. Butler died during an operation that enhanced his body with cybernetic weaponry. Angara now possesses the power to shoot electrical energy beams from his hands. Dundar Kay is a natural fighter and is both a master of martial arts and a strategist. Sgt. Nolan Underwood is skilled in hand-to-hand fighting and is also a weapons expert. The last member of the team, Betsy 85, is a warrior with exceptional mechanical skills and a master of many languages. She is a clone, a being bio-engineered to produce cheap slave labor.

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 Bryan Stratton, Ron Fortier, Scott FrenchD. Kevin Wiggins, Derec Aucoin, Paul Pelletier, Steve Reman