Nexus (Vol. 1)

    (Capital, 1981-1982)
™ and © 1982 Capital Publications, Inc.

Not all comics series are worthy of reprinting in hardcover editions, but Nexus is.

Created by Mike Baron and Steve Rude, this is a series that must be read in sequence. This volume takes the reader, not only through the beginning of the artistic and literary growth of Baron and Rude, but also into the life of Nexus, aka Horatio Hellpop, son of General Hellpop, and his journey of discovery of who he is. He is hero, executioner, savior, and lover to those in his life.

Rude’s art is outstanding. Here’s the maturation from his first tale to the well-composed, stylish panels that compare well to Alex Ross’ artistic excursions. Hey, Paul Gulacy’s covers don’t hurt, either!

To adventure fans, Nexus was a breath of fresh air that wafted into comics for the first time in 1981. While presenting adventure, such touches as “Who was that masked man?” (page 211) pay tribute to heroes from the past. The dreams of Vradic and the Elvonic Order make compelling reading.

Nexus is a well-designed book; add it to your collection.

—Tim Lasiuta

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1st Appearance of Nexus (Horatio Hellpop); B&WMike BaronSteve Rude

#1 Variation A

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1st Appearance of Nexus; Special Edition includes sketch and is signed; B&WMike BaronSteve Rude


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Origin of NexusMike BaronSteve Rude


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Origin of Nexus; Includes recordMike BaronSteve Rude

Book #1

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 Mike BaronSteve Rude