Big Bang Comics (Vol. 1)

    (Caliber, 1994-1995)
™ and ©1994 Gary S. Carlson and Chris Ecker. Dr. Weird ™ and ©1994 Gary S. Carlson and Edward DeGeorge

Go back in time to the dark days of 1994. Everywhere, countless super-heroes clutter the comics landscape, all either part of some government “Black Ops” team, or engaged in endless battles with legions of indistinguishable super-villains. The comics world had grown cynical, jaded, and a little tired of cookie-cutter characters who seem to lack all characterization beyond speed-lined grimaces.

Enter Big Bang Comics. This series, launched by Gary S. Carlson with art by Chris Ecker, Ed DeGeorge, and others, takes modern readers back in time into an alternate comic world. In this original series, they create new super-heroes such as the Knight Watchman and Dr. Weird, then feature them in Golden Age, Silver Age, and Modern stories. The result is both nostalgic and refreshingly new. It’s a bit like reading through a cache of long-forgotten comics you’ve found in your attic—only these comics come from a past that never really existed.

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1 copy available for $4.25
Reprint from Berzerker #1; B&W and colorChris Ecker, Gary Carlson, Ed DeGeorgeChris Ecker, Bill Fugate, Chris Woods


8 copies available from $2.75
Spring 1994Bud Hanzel, Ed DeGeorge, Gary Carlson, Tom KingMark Lewis, Randy Zimmerman, Tom King


2 copies available from $4.00
Summer 1994Chris Ecker, Gary Carlson, Stan TimmonsJon Schuler, Mike Obre, Stan Timmons


4 copies available from $4.00
B&WChris Ecker, Gary CarlsonSteve Adams


1 copy available for $6.00
 Chris Ecker, Gary CarlsonBart Schmidt

Ashcan #0

No copies available
Capital City Edition; Origin of Ultiman; Spring 1993; Limited to 500 copies; B&WChris Ecker, Gary Carlson, Ed DeGeorgeChris Ecker, Bill Fugate, Chris Woods