The Adventures of the Mad Hunda Day Day

    (Thaumaturge, 1995)
™ and ©1994 Thaumaturge Productions

Creator Tim Baer said that issue one took over a year to make, so it isn’t surprising it takes well over an hour to read. Each page contains a wealth of detail.

With this title, filled with designs in the styling of Robert Crumb or Peter Bagge, you can spend hours combing the layers of pencils for hidden illustrations.

In the story, Earth has become a place of the odd, the bizarre, and the alien. Creatures of various misproportions have come to our world to make it their home. The Mad Hunda is a native of our planet, but he, too, has his physical inconstancies and crazy idiosyncrasies.

With complete, unbridled chaos, this world is Dali and Escher come to life. Although innovative, it makes for a daunting read.

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 Winter 1995; B&WTim BaerTim Baer