Annihilation—Scourge: Beta Ray Bill

    (Marvel, 2020)
™ and © Marvel

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The Scourge has arrived! As the local population becomes infected, will Beta Ray Bill be able to fight back the horde and save the innocents-or are they already lost? Overwhelmed, will Bill himself fall victim to the Annihilation wave?! Rated T+

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5 copies available from $3.25
  Michael MoreciAlberto Alburquerque

#1 Variation A

2 copies available from $3.50
Variant Cover by Patrick Zircher Michael MoreciAlberto Alburquerque

#1 Variation B

No copies available
 Dynamic Forces Signed Edtion; Signed by Micahel Moreci; Includes Certificate of Authenticity; Limited to 50Michael MoreciAlberto Alburquerque